About Us

Welcome, Welcome! We are Whitney and Taz! We're best friends, high school sweethearts and we do everything together - we cook together, travel together, even run errands together. In 2016 Taz suffered a serious back injury, it was a difficult part of our lives. In 2017 while we dealt with the outcome of his injury we received the joyous news our family was growing. We quickly realized hiring a professional photographer to help us document our journey wasn't an option for us. We already had plenty of camera gear as Whitney has had a lifetime hobby of photography so we documented the growth of our family from bump to baby ourselves. It was difficult but was so much fun and a great bonding experience! Finally we made it to a better place (Taz was fully healed) so we decided we should start a business together. Our experiences inspired us to become a husband and wife photography team. The combination of our passion for preserving precious memories and backgrounds in IT and graphic design has to allowed us to become accomplished photographers and business owners.

Our Mission

We have a passion for and understanding of the importance of capturing all the unforgettable moments. As parents and photographers we know photos not only document our lives but they allow us to relive the timeless memories captured. Whether they are once in a lifetime moments, like a wedding, or an everyday activity like riding on dad's shoulders through the yard, these moments are equally significant. They may not seem like it at the moment, but one day they will be. The visual of a photo has the effect that no words can ever explain and when years pass they hold a value that no money can buy. We want everyone to have the opportunity to have those immeasurably special moments preserved forever. After our experiences we are all to aware of the importance and cost of professional photography. So we started this business with the vision of making professional photography affordable, for everyone; while still delivering impeccable service and the highest quality results. Capturing your memories is something we take to heart and we are humbled each and every time we are given the opportunity.

Through Our Lens

The fundamental thing you should know is that building a relationship with you is ridiculously important to us. We want to capture those beautiful perfectly imperfect moments that you will cherish forever. Our family is the most important thing in our lives, and we are sure you feel the same about yours. Your family's story is extraordinary and we want your photos to reflect that. Our favorite photography style is intimate and candid, we want you to feel comfortable in front of the camera we will make sure that you’re never in some stiff, awkward pose. We focus on your interaction and capture all of the genuine, quirky, beautiful, hilarious, loud, intimate moments. Whatever makes you, you - that’s what we want to see. The way you laugh in each other’s faces, the tickles and snuggles, how you squeeze each other when you hug and never want to let go and how after every kiss you smile just a little. The little things and the big moments, and everything in between. You’ve built this incredible relationship and we are so ready to work with you to create beautiful images that show it off.